Monteverde Costa Rica - Horseback Riding Tour

on mountain trails of the Campesinos with Smiling Horses Monteverde

our most popular ride. We start at 9.00 AM  at 1.00 PM or 3/4 PM.

Best choice in Lonely Planet: Sabine's Smiling Horses, ...This outfitter has been recommended by readers year after year.

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monteverde view to the cloud forest

family horseback riding at Sabine's Smiling Horses

Great views of the Monteverde Campesino area

 Ride in the open farmland with stunning views

See many different
birds and butterflies
along the way


lucky day in Monteverde Costa Rica - sloth in nature

Monteverde Costa Rica
Sabine's Smiling Horses Monteverde Costa Rica

Get the best of all

Horseback riding Monteverder Costa Rica

See the Monteverde Cloud forest from the distance.


Monteverde Costa Rica Cloud Forest - view on horseback

In day time or in the sunset you see the Pacific ocean from the distance  Monteverde Costa Rica view on horseback in sunset

Our classic Campesino Ride takes 2 hours and does cost $ 45 US.

For experienced riders we offer 3 hour horseback tour at $ 70 US.

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This tour is also operated as sunset tour at 3/4 PM.

Starting time depending on the month.

Monteverde Costa Rica Horseback Riding Vacation

horseback ride in the suset Monteverde Costa Rica  horseback riding with Smiling Horses Monteverde 2010

Depending on interest and experience we offer min. 2.0 hours at $ 45 US up to day ride at $ 125 US per person. 

Cell/WhatsApp: +506-83852424 contact us

monteverde costa rica horseback riding vacation tour

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